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Ruralite & Currents

Circulation: 324,000 • Readership: 745,200

Mission Statement

Ruralite reaches 324,000 homes monthly through 47 zoned editions covering Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, California and Montana. Currents magazine—which is published in January, March, May, July, September and November—covers Arizona and reaches more than 15,000 additional readers. Edited for a family-oriented readership, Ruralite and Currents magazines focus on activities and issues affecting Western readers. Regional places and personalities, food, outdoor activities, kids and the undiscovered treasures of the West are presented in each issue.


Ruralite magazine has entertained and informed readers throughout the western United States for over 50 years. Many of its readers have clipped and saved favorite Ruralite stories and recipes most of their lives. Currents, the Southwestern companion magazine to   Ruralite, enjoys an equally devoted readership. No other magazine reaches the large rural and  suburban  populations of the western U.S. with Ruralite's level of trust and readership. You may have the large cities covered with your present advertising, but when you're ready to expand, you're ready for Ruralite.